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terça-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2012

Love of my life, you hurt me...

Olá pessoas, qualquer erro no que se segue abaixo indica que meu ingles precisa ser aprimorado, e eu gostaria de contar com sua ajuda nisso. Não sei quanto a tradutores, mas se for usar algum, recomendo o google que é o único que eu conheço tonemai. Divirtam-se ^^

There is always some people, who holds your happiness, and whenever you're going to get something, they just show up and reminds you, that you still love them, and that you can't be happy. Not because you don't deserve to, not because you don't want to, but just because you'll always love the one who doesn't love you back, and always come back when you're going to be happy again, and again, and again...

Hmm, love

Is this the meaning of true love? 
I don't know, but what I know, and I wanna share here, is that unless you stop this loop, this eternal cycle when they hurt you, you fall, you heal, and when you stand up they just hurt you and take you down again, and again, and again...YOU'RE SO SCREWED
So, I'm going to ask you a question, it is simple, really really simple, you don't have to answer me, 'cause your brain will know the answer even before you finish reading this fucking post...
"Do they love you?"
I don't know, maybe, that's why when you're going to be happy, they just show up again and like a spear, they strike through your heart and soul, reminding how you love them, and how you won't be able to be happy with anyone else but them.

If there is a judge in this world, it's not me, but if there's a judge in your world, it's you. You can stop the pain, you can stop the suffering, you can stop the tears, that are now rolling all over your face as you realize that it's exactly what happens to you.
So, you can think now: Who the fuck is this jerk, and who does he thinks he is to talk about love this way?
This jerk is just a guy, that had some free time. But this jerk is also the one who wrote the way you feel about someone. 

Other side

I don't know much about this, I don't know much about anything at all, but I do know that when you care about someone, you want that person to be happy. And just flashing into someones life when you need isn't the right way to care, is it?
But wait, maybe, just maybe, perhaps (apenas queria usar essa palavra tonemai), the "true love" here needs you too. Life is so complicated that we can't just look at a girl and say that she doesn't love you, you can't just look to the guy with a gun and say he doesn't love his children, the big truth is you can't judge anyone, you can't judge love, you can't judge life.

Let's Move

So, why don't you stop crying and go get yourself something real? Something that nobody can steal from you, even your "true love".
I don' t really know anything about love, I don't really know anything about life, so, I'm apologizing for whatever I wrote, is just my blinded viewpoint.
Love isn't easy, you can't understand, you just feel, but anyway, when you love your dog, you treats it like an equal, you care about its feelings and its life. So, try to do the same with people. A person is not a toy, is not a pet, don't just shake your hand in the air hoping them to come wagging their tails, cause when they really come to you this way, is just a proof that you're going to hurt them once again. 

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