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segunda-feira, 20 de agosto de 2012

Stop being a bitch, BITCH

You stole the girl, you stole our moments, our things. You stole us from ourselves. But it's not enough, is it? You want more, I can't have a single moment, a single song, without your finger on it. Actually, I realized that it's all my fault, I allowed you to do such things. But don't you dare, don't you fucking dare, trying to steal anything else. You took my girl, you took my pride, you took my friends, you took my rhyme. And now I can only say, for you and anyone else to stay. Keep the girl, keep the moments, keep the things you got from me. Keep your eyes open, your mind free, your senses up to me. You have no idea what you did to me, you have no idea how I feel about this, you have no idea what is going to happen. But I'll tell you something, bastard thief, You got the girl, but her heart is with me. You got our moments, but they're all with me. You got our life, but I have our souls. You can try once, twice, three times in a row, but everything you get will be a mere shadow of my former love.

TMFs and Altha Males 

Have you ever thought about the things you did? Of course you did, we all do. But have you ever thought about a single choice? A choice that would change your life, your feelings,. A choice that would change you. But, when you realize the extension of that choice, how many things it would've change, it's already done, and there is no going back. 
Sometimes, you see someone like you, right where you wanna be. Someone, a little different of course, 'cause after all, we're all different, but someone that likes the things you do like. 
Actually, it is not the first time that I come through this. That's why I decided to write this shit. Assuming that you are not able to read this without Google Translator, I can write anything, and I don't need to bother.
Well, the book is on the table, so, let's start.
You, little bastard, that think that you are the only one, maybe "the chosen one". Let me aware you that you're not. You are not unique. 
If I dive in the past, I can see a time when my best friend found a guy just like me. Ok, you can start the friendzone jokes now. The boy was a creepy little version of me, and, oh look, her boyfriend. That's when you start to think. What the hell on earth made my best friend, or, at least, one of my best friends, date someone like him? I mean, if you want someone like me, why not me? That, my little child, is because you are a TFM. I'm not going to explain this, but let's just say that a TFM is the opposite of an alpha male. 
Girls, woman, and even gays, if you wanna know, need an alpha male. 
The alpha male doesn't wait for the opportunity to happen, he creates the opportunities. The alpha male doesn't expect things to go right, he's prepared to whatever comes into his way. The alpha male doesn't complain about losing the bitch, he goes and take her back. 
If you're reading this, there is an 90% chance that you are a TFM. C=
Anyway, I'm trying to say that you gotta fight for what you want. Sometimes, you don't know that you want something, until someone take it. But when you realize that you want, stop complaining, stop crying, stop thinking, just go and do whatever you need to do. 


Do you remember the choice I was talking about up there. So, that choice is what defines you, that choice is what can change your life for good. What if, one year ago, one random night, one single kiss... What if, six months ago, one random day, one single kiss... What if, one year ago, six months ago, one single feeling, a lot of things different. Now I see a relationship, working, with it issues, obviously, nothing is a hundred per cent perfect, but working. A relationship weird, like OURS was. A relationship crazy, like OURS was. A relationship happy, like OURS was. A relationship with small things, all the small things, that made us different. All the small things, that we used to have together, and now she has with someone else. All the small things, that made me think that we were unique, and now I realize that nothing is unique. You'll never be the only one, you can be the best one, but never, never ever, the only one. And now you see someone just like you, again, living your life, kissing your girl, singing your songs, watching your movies, talking about your memes, ... While you, you just sit, watching, with an fake smile in your face, trying to be happy, remembering that your wrong choice did this to you.
Your wrong choice bring you the feeling that they stole something from you. But actually, they didn't steal, they just take what you didn't take because you were a jerk. Stop being a jerk, stop complaining, stop crying. Life isn't a bitch, you are the bitch. 
Don't let things get to a point that a small thing, can hurt you, and woke up from the inside any feelings, any happiness, any sadness, anything that once was your happiness, your feelings, your sadness, your love.